Hitting the Books – Studying for Architecture

Thanks for stopping by on my brand new website where I will chart my progress as a brand new architectural student. I have always managed to dream big about being involved in massive projects that blow people away and getting the green light to enter a university program for architecture is almost unreal.

Architecture - Bridge Example

It is not always possible to achieve ones dreams and very few people get the opportunity to fulfill them. I am, therefore, very lucky and as a result I have made my family proud! If you are still in high school then all I can say is work hard and you will eventually get there. It is never too late to try and you often will only get one shot in life to study for the career you want.

As it is early in the year I have only just begun my journey with the first couple of weeks more focused on orientation (finding your way around a university is not that easy!) and getting all my work books organized. This part of the year is very important as it is a massive change from high school life and as much as I enjoy a good party and a solid social life there has to be a balance and it is important to work hard and play hard to maintain  healthy results.

Three Arches

One of the cool things about university life is the residence. Getting away from home and staying with a bunch of people at the same age is loads of fun and there is always something going on of interest. You will find parties to focus groups to study groups to mad drinking events, no matter what you are into I can bet you will find it somewhere.

The work load is small to begin with but I can see that escalating over time as I am sure they keep things simpler in the beginning. One of the major differences between this and high school is the self motivation required. If you want to do well and succeed then it is up to you – nobody else – you won’t get pushed or sent to the office, you have to put in the effort all by yourself. I have already noticed some people do not hit the book enough and you will often see others day dreaming during lectures. It is obvious these people will not make it through the course unless they make a major change to their focus and the amount of effort they are putting in. Nobody ever said getting a degree, especially in a topic as complex as architecture, was going to be easy.

One of the hardest parts in the architecture course is the mathematics side of things. Again, this is why it is important to work hard at high school maths. Architecture involves many complex calculations including trigonometry. If you sit and think about it any building or structure that is designed will involve many different complex calculations in order to ensure it is safe and the whole project fits together properly. I always struggled a bit with maths and I can see this will be the hardest for me, I will really have to hit the books hard to get through it.


I will get into the more complex aspects of my studies in future blog posts, but, for now I have to hit my work books to keep myself focused and up to date.



Juicing and a New Year

I feel a little bit guilty that I have not had the time to post since last October as I really wanted to try and keep the blog updated on a regular basis. I think running into the end of the year projects and then off home for Christmas shifted my focus but I will try my best to update more frequently going forwards.

I still cannot believe where last year went as it felt like I was not even there! I almost feel like I am a stranger looking in and watching someone else complete a full 12 months of studies! Well, here we are already heading into second year – after my break at Christmas I am ready to go…..

This year I have decided to try and improve my health – this is especially important after all the junk I consumed over Christmas. A healthy body enhances the mind and will help me perform better with my studies. In order to effect this process I have bought myself a commercial juicer that has the power to juice anything including wheat grass. I am hoping that I can get into a routine of juicing every day to ensure that I get all the nutrients and vitamins my body needs to improve health and mental focus. You can have a look here to see the type of juicer I ended up getting with maximum strength – there are so many on the market so ensure you carefully research before making any decisions. Watch the video below to get some perspective as to why I am keen to get my juicing going.

Christmas was awesome – I say that because I had the satisfaction of a great year behind me, the expectation for the year to come as well as a wonderful time with friends and family and lots of time out on the golf course sucking in fresh country air! I enjoyed the time off and gave my body a chance to rest as I know this year will require even more focus and determination than last.

I have just arrived back and we have a few days to settle in so I am just taking it easy and getting myself prepared. It is good to be back with all my mates as well and there have been quite a few parties which are starting to take their toll on my liver (and body of course)! I will have to slow down a little bit before lectures get going again next week. Please check back in a couple of weeks as I plan to talk a little bit about year 2 in my next post.



Nearly Through Year 1

Wow, what an awesome year it has been, and, I cannot believe it is almost over. It seems as though I have just arrived and unpacked my stuff! Most people I know are already talking about the Christmas break and where they will be going whereas I am actually a little bit depressed that we will be away for close on two months. With limited cash and family scattered all over the world I have not yet decided where I will end up going. That’s one of the negative points about not having a wealthy family :-)

The year has been good though and my professor did mention that he may be able to help me out with some part time work so if that pans out then it may look a little better for the winter break.

Believe it or not, I have learned how to play golf. I never really considered myself to be much of a sportsman but after going out with a couple of friends and giving it a go I have found I am partial to this awesome (and irritating!) game. I suppose I can play golf at home with a simulator if I can get enough cash together to buy myself one! You can find read a bunch of  golf simulator reviews and information on the website. The model I hope to get for Christmas is here if you are interested. I seem to have a little bit of natural ability as well, a first for me as I always thought I had no ball skills but extra brains instead! Perhaps I was wrong all along. Well at least I will have something to keep me occupied over the long break – perhaps we may even get some reasonable weather – you never know.

I have calmed down quite a bit on the after hours parties and other (sometimes dodgy) activities as I feel I was headed somewhat down the wrong path. It is easy to get carried away and led astray while studying and I do not want to mess up the one chance I have in life to really move forwards.  Spending more time out on the golf course is much better for my health, body and of course, my mind.

Most of this year has been spent learning theory and historical architecture so next year will be moving towards more modern applications as well as a few field trips to visit some remarkable applications and a chance to meet some of the top architects working in today. With the third year all about projects and exams I think year two should prove to be the best of the lot so I have plenty to look forward to.

We will be writing some exams next month and then it will be plain sailing through to February and I can spend some time outdoors on the golf course before winter keeps us all inside.

I will update after exams and let you all know how they went and my final plans for the festive season.



Over Half Way Through 1st Year!

Wow, I just realized that I am over half way through my first year at university. That really is pretty crazy and at this rate I will be finished with my degree in no time at all!!

I have to say, though, I have had a wonderful time so far and the experience has been awesome. I have met so many amazing people and the staff here are so full of knowledge it truly is an inspiration. I don’t think I would be able to find a better quality of education anywhere.

Studying, whilst amazing, does come with some drawbacks though. I am using a student style loan from the bank to pay for everything (I need to sleep somewhere and eat) and there is this constant increase of outstanding loan in the back of my mind. I know that one day I will go out to work and have to pay back this massive amount of money – lots of students do it as many have no choice but I still find it tough when it goes through my mind.

I am also struggling with my car again. I think sometimes it might just be worth dumping the whole thing and using public transport! The car is honestly a lot more trouble than it’s worth and I really cannot keep pumping money to keep it going.

Not much else going on really, need to hit the books and get back to work.

I will be going home soon for a couple of weeks – look out friends and family, here I come :-)

Life at Uni and Little Green Plants

I can’t believe it is almost half way through the year, it is amazing how quickly time flies when you keep yourself busy. Although I am living my dream there are many distractions here that ensure you never really have dull moment. From friends, social clubs, parties it is quite difficult to balance serious studies and a healthy active lifestyle.

The lectures have been great and I absolutely love each and every one, I am consistently sucking up information and I never find it dull and boring. I will not bother going into too much detail on this blog as there is just too much information to even know where to begin.

One of the problems with many people at this level are the things they get up to outside of normal hours. Many enjoy regular drug use and I for one am not even slightly interested. Aside from the obvious legal problems that could occur it also causes a lack of mental focus and a bigger chance that those people will end up quitting or failing at the end of the year. It is amazing how many people would dream of the chance to get into a course like this but so many also just throw the opportunity away.

A week or so ago I was invited to a party at a res that I had never been too before. It was a Saturday night and I had a few friends going so I thought I would tag along. When I arrived I was a bit apprehensive as I had heard about this particular group of people and the not-so-good things they tend to get up to. When I arrived at the small flat and I was blown away by a small cleaning cupboard that was full of a certain not-so-legal plant!! These guys had a full on hydroponic system with LED grow lights and the whole shebang. You can ready a bit more about grow lights and how they work by using the link. As much I was impressed with the setup I was also worried about being caught there and came up with family emergency to run away. Needless to say I ended up with another friend at the local pub and had a great evening. That was an eye opener indeed but it just goes to show what goes on behind the scenes.

I don’t have a lot else to mentioned right now, other than my car which still tends to give me lots of problems but as I mentioned before that is the life of a student!

A Couple of Weeks in…..

Well I have now been here a couple of weeks and I must say getting to know the place was a bigger challenge than I first thought.  Getting lost is a little bit embarrassing, especially having to ask other students for directions. Often, they are not the most helpful people in the world and tend to find it amusing when you cannot find your way from A to B!

Lectures have been amazing, I am so privileged to have such excellent staff able to share knowledge. In the first two weeks I have had my eyes opened to so much more than I ever thought possible. I can see this is going to be a wonderful year and I just want to soak up as much information as possible. Although many initial lectures are more introductions to the professors and their backgrounds they have already taken an interest in my personal willingness to learn.

The social life here is also great and I have already found some friends that want to work and study hard but also get to have some fun once in a while. We have managed to get out to a club and in one of the rooms in my residence you can find a wine cooler which is always stocked with fine wines :-) I am not sure where he gets the money from but he must come from a very wealthy family. His room is always loads of fun and I can see myself spending a lot more time there!

The one problem I have had to deal with is car problems. I am sure you can picture a students car and the many things that can wrong. For some reason I made a really bad purchase and it is giving me consistent problems. Many of the parts are really expensive so it looks like I will have to find some temporary work to keep it going. There are quite a few bars and restaurants in the area so I will see what I can find.

That’s about it for now, hope to add some more soon.